Fund Information

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks long term capital appreciation through focused investment in global 3D printing, robotics and technology companies.

Investment Strategy

The Fund will invest in equity securities issued by U.S. and non-U.S. 3D printing companies, robotics companies, and technology companies. "3D Printing", or "additive manufacturing", produces three-dimensional objects from digital models. 3D printing, robotics, and technology companies include, among others, those in the manufacturing, biotech, computer software, design, and hardware industries. In selecting securities for the Fund, the Adviser uses a "top down" approach to create a universe of securities in which the Fund may invest. The Adviser then employs a research oriented "bottom-up" investment approach to create the Fund's investment portfolio, focusing on company fundamentals and growth prospects when selecting securities.

Fund Facts Investor Class Institutional Class
Fund Inception Date 04/10/14 01/28/14
Ticker Symbols TDPNX TDPIX
CUSIP 69011Y404 69011Y305
Minimum Initial Investment $2,500 $100,000
Minimum Initial IRA Investment $2,500 $100,000
Minimum Subsequent Investment $100 None
Distributions The Fund intends to distribute substantially all of its net investment income annually and net-realized capital gains annually in December.
Fund Management
Fund Adviser 3D Printing Fund Advisers, LLC
Fund Distributor Foreside Fund Services, LLC
Fund Administrator Atlantic Fund Services
Fund Auditor BBD, LLP
Fund Legal Counsel Thompson Hine, LLP
Fund Custodian Union Bank